Build or Buy: Tiny Turbo Beast

What’s better than a VR6 powered Volkswagen? A turbocharged VR6 Volkswagen. And what’s even better than a turbo VR6? When it’s in a super lightweight MK1 Jetta coupe. We’ve found one for sale and ready for you to drive home, but what if you’re looking to build your own? We’ve found a good one that’s ready for you too. You just have to decide: do you build, or do you buy?

Argument: Build

Article: 1981 Jetta VR6T Coupe

Check this little car out. This MK1 Jetta coupe has a 12-valve VR6 engine under the hood. And attached to that six-cylinder is an (unspecified) turbocharger. According to a site we found, a 1981 Jetta weighed 1863 pounds (it doesn’t state if that’s for a 2-door or a 4-door). To put that in perspective, the 1995 GTI VR6 weighed 1,000 lbs. more yet still did 0 – 60 in seven seconds. Factor in the lower weight and the forced induction and this thing has to be a terror on the streets!

Some other interesting morsels on this Jetta: a spotless exterior, Euro headlights and bumpers (less weight!), coilover suspension, and a custom stereo. The rear seat was removed and there’s a rollbar in its place.

This turbocharged little monster is in Clearwater, Florida. It’s listed on eBay with a “Buy It Now” price of $9000.

Argument: Buy

Article: 1983 Jetta Turbodiesel

Yes, we know: this isn’t a Jetta coupe. Well, we searched high and low and this 1983 turbodiesel 4-door sedan was one of only two MK1 Jettas for sale we could find. Interestingly, the “Buy” Jetta coupe started life with as an oil-burner. Even though it’s not a coupe, check out how clean this little car is. There’s no rust anywhere. The seller says the pinch welds are all straight and dry.

The interior looks like it’s in great condition. And there’s even a new stereo with Infinity speakers. Take a look at the trunk panels and the bottom of the trunk lid: they’re spotless.

The ad says the car runs and drives great. It even mentions this is a great Jetta for an engine swap. Source yourself a VR6, a turbocharger, and all the bits, and you’ll have your own tiny terror!

This 1983 Jetta is in Denver, Colorado. The car is listed on craigslist, and the seller is asking $3500 or best offer.

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