Build or Buy: The Ultimate Anniversary GTI

Everyone has a favorite GTI generation. For many, the fourth iteration is the ultimate example of the iconic model. And the 20th Anniversary Edition (also called the 337) is the ultimate ultimate version of the MKIV. Some want a bone-stock 20AE, and others want to personalize it a bit. Well, we’ve found one of each; so do you build your own 337, or buy one built?

Argument: Build
Article: 2002 Volkswagen GTI 20th Anniversary Edition

This 337 is quite the package. To start, it has only 86,000 miles. With less than 5,000 miles per year, that makes for a very clean car. The interior is in phenomenal condition; very little wear and newer leather on the steering wheel. There’s no rust with just a few rock chips upfront.

But the magic of this GTI is the mechanicals. It’s an APR Stage 3 car with a Quaife limited-slip differential, upgraded clutch, ABD short-runner intake, and much more. As the seller, VWvortex member andres16v, states, this 20thAE “looks totally stock but is a monster when you want.”

Take a look at the ad in our classifieds. Andres16v is asking $11,000 and he’s in Detroit, MI.

Argument: Buy
Article: 2002 Volkswagen GTI 20th Anniversary Edition

People either love or hate this 337. If you read through the comments on the classified ad, there are plenty of people that wish this 337 was bone stock. If the upgrades aren’t your cup of tea, you’re in luck: the seller says the car can go back to stock easily. But if you like your hot hatches with a little more visual drama, you’re probably pretty drawn to this car.

Just looking it over, this GTI has upgraded wheels, larger brakes, a (probably non-functional) hood scoop, a “boser” style hood, and most of the badges were removed. Inside there’s a pair of R32 seats.

Mechanically this little bunny has had a major power upgrade. There’s an upgraded turbo with new fuel injectors, front-mounted intercooler, meth injection, larger downpipe, and a Milltek car-back exhaust system.

The real story: the current bid; the auction for this 2002 GTI has only reached $3337 (we see what you did there). Bidding is open until Thursday, so check out the ad for more information. The car is located in Malvern, PA.