Build or Buy: Zombie Apocalypse Beetle

Some people fear climate change or sea-level rise, but we all know the real threat to humanity: zombies. Yep, the walking dead are coming for us. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. And we have to be prepared. As car enthusiasts, a proper rig is important, and you have to decide; build it yourself, or buy it built?

Argument: Buy
Article: 1974 Super Beetle Trail Rig

One important factor when you’re a zombie-prepper, is time. And if the apocalypse starts tomorrow time is definitely not on your side. So consider picking up this 1974 Super Beetle now.

Of course this is no ordinary bug. This one’s a Type 1 body on a K5 Chevy Blazer chassis. There’s a big ol’ V8 up front, all-wheel-drive (with upgrades!), and a healthy lift kit. Check out the exterior roll cage; perfect for hanging steel plating off of to keep the walkers away from your tasty brains.

The seller has lowered the price of this trail rig a few times, and the very reasonable $5000 price is as low as he’ll go. This zombie-fighter is ready to roll in Horseheads, NY, but there’s no title, so you’ll have to tow it home or wait for society to fall before getting it out on the road.

Take a look at the Facebook Marketplace ad for more information.

Argument: Build
Article: 1971 Super Beetle (and 1999 Chevy Tahoe)

We’ve got time before the zombie apocalypse, right? Why not take these next few months (crossing fingers) to build your own 100% custom ride? I mean, who doesn’t want to mount their rifles and knives in the right place for them? Imagine reaching for a machete on your “bought” rig and it’s 2″ out of reach since the builder was just a bit taller than you. Yep, you’re zombie food.

To get things started, here’s a solid 1971 Super Beetle for the low low price of $500. It even has a crank-open sunroof, perfect for shooting at the undead from as you charge through the brush. This bug is in Roseburg, Oregon and you can see more in the classified ad on

Also, and this is probably a first for, here’s a link to a 1999 Chevy Tahoe that could be a good base for your deadmobile. It’s also in Roseburg, OR, with a $4950 asking price. Now source that lift kit, wheels, and tires before it’s too late.