Find of the Day: 1989 Volkswagen Golf Rallye

The 25 year importation rule is something that isn’t well liked around these parts to say the least.  Europe seems to get much of the cool Volkswagen product that we’v been denied, and once it’s reached that pivotal quarter-century mark, finding a decent example of what you wanted many years ago can be nearly impossible.  Every once in awhile though, the stars align and you come across something that’s been properly preserved and available.  Today’s Find of the Day fits this description quite well.

Alex Rallye 054

This 1989 Golf Rallye was imported from Belgium to Canada in 2006, just after Canada’s 15 year rule allowed it to be titled and driven on their streets.  In the time since, the car has received more than a few notable improvements, including KW Suspension, a full engine rebuild for more power, and updated interior bits.  All told, it seems to be the Rallye than many of us have been waiting for.

Alex Rallye 016

The Golf Rallye is currently available for $19,000 in Montreal, Quebec.  More information and pictures can be found at the link below.