Find of the Day: The Anti-Brodozer

Trends follow a pretty set cycle: something is new, it gathers a following, people latch onto it, nearly everyone gets one, and eventually it becomes yesterday’s news and it blends into the background. With today’s SUV craze, insanely modified trucks are quickly moving from weekend toys to everyday vehicles. Jeeps with 12″ lift kits, minimal body panels, huge off-road tires, and full-width LED light bars now slog down our freeways driven by commuters headed to the office; drivers swerving to avoid potholes in a truck that can scale small walls. Ford Raptors with extreme vinyl body graphics shout at you from the elementary school drop off line. And the Starbucks drive thru is lousy with bros in 4Runners.

Looking for the anti-SUV? Something with incredible off-road ability that is different than what the other guys are driving? Here’s a truck that will get you just about anywhere you want to go and is unlike anything else out there. This 1980 Volkswagen Vanagon Transporter Syncro is a rare panel van version. It features a ton of off road modifications: lockable front and rear axles, upgraded watercooled flat 4 engine, lift kit, skid plates, off road grade bumpers, brush guard, driving lights, externally mounted spare tire, shocks and springs, and a lot more. The seller states no expense was spared for the build and the pictures support that claim.


Updates aren’t just on the outside. Inside there’s a Clarion sound system with all the latest technology bits, full width rubber front floor mats, wood paneled cargo area, a hinged raised floor, mattress, and best of all, Recaro seats to hold you in place as you scramble over rocks and splash through rivers on your way to that perfect camping location.


Of course there are drawbacks. For one, this is a rare vehicle, so repair parts can be expensive, but there’s a substantial online community for Syncro fans should you need help. While it is a newer 2.1 liter engine, it won’t be the fastest truck up the mountain. And, if current Vanagon Syncro camper prices are any indication, the final selling price could go quite high. As of this writing the current bid on this no reserve eBay auction is $12,002 with five days left to bid. But this van is a different animal, so there’s no telling where the price could go.

So if you’re looking for something different, check out this unique vehicle on eBay. Bidding ends on Sunday.