Find Of The Day: AWD VR6 GTI

What’s better than a MK2 GTI? How about a MK2 GTI with a VR6 engine? How about a MK2 GTI with a VR6 and all-wheel-drive? Woah. Imagine the trouble fun you can get into in this little beast of a hatchback. This is one very tempting Find Of The Day.

This 1990 GTI is updated from headlights to the tailpipe. Up front, there’s a low-mile (per the ad) 12-valve VR6 engine that has new chains and a Eurotunes chip. It bolts to an upgraded manual transmission. And while it’s naturally-aspirated now, it was turbocharged in the past. For the right price, the seller will include the turbo system as well. The car rides on KW Variant 3 coilovers, and there are beefy Schmidt Modernline wheels at each corner.

Inside you’ll find black leather seats from a MK3, a BFI shift knob, and “perfect” grey GTI door cards. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the interior in the ad.

The exterior is very clean. The seller has “stretched” the wheel arches; they’re considerably wider than stock. There’s a set of slim red-line bumpers. The GTI has a mono-wiper in place of the original dual wipers. And the dual-round headlights have a very Euro yellow tint. Clear lenses are available too.

So if you’re looking for some AWD fun, this may be the car for you. Check out the ad on You can see the car in-person in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Current asking price: $9600, or if you have a Nissan Skyline sitting around (and who doesn’t?), the seller is willing to trade.