Find Of The Day: Mars Red GTI, Out-Of-This-World Price

We all dream of finding a time capsule car, one that looks like it just came off the assembly line. Of course, we also hope it has an affordable price. Today’s Find Of The Day is simply amazing; a breathtaking 1985 MK2 GTI. You’ll gasp for air at both the condition and the price.

The pictures speak for themselves: this GTI is immaculate. Look at the paint, the bumpers, the wheel wells, the trim, the engine bay, and the seats. It’s absolutely perfect. There’s not a speck of brake dust on those bottle cap wheels. It’s unreal.

According to the ad, this Mars Red GTI had one owner for 33 years. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll notice the owner must have been in Canada; the speedometer and the odometer are in kilometers. The odo shows 55,000 kilos; which is only 34,000 miles.

As the ad states, this is a “no frills” model; no power steering, no air conditioning, and crank windows. Despite being basic, it does have its original Blaupunkt stereo, rubber floor mats, and even the original documentation. And check out the original “Motor Trend Car of the Year” hatch sticker.

If you’ve noticed we’ve been avoiding the price, well, here you go. The seller, Monaco Auto Collection in Wadsworth Ohio, is asking (gulp)…$24,495. Full disclosure: the price is negotiable. Don’t have that kind of money lying around? The dealership can arrange financing. And you can even get an extended warranty for your gorgeous GTI.

Take a look at the ad for more information. Or just gaze longingly at the photos.