Find of the Day: Red-Hot (But Not Actually Red) Scirocco

Dreaming of a screaming spring ride? Look no further than our latest Find of the Day: a 1987 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V. And guess what? This one’s not red!

If you knew nothing about Scirocco 16Vs and started searching for used one for sale, you’d think they only came in one color. So here’s a nice change of pace from the red sea of ‘Roccos: a not-red one. In fact, this model sports two colors that are far from common: black and bright blue. It’s quite the striking combination, and very original.

The heart of this fastback is the engine. The standard 1.8L twin cam 16-valve engine has been modified extensively. There’s too much to cover here, but enhancements include upgraded cams, intake, head work, forged pistons, a modified transmission, a Peloquin limited slip differential, stainless steel headers, and a ton more. There’s also upgraded brakes, brake lines, and exhaust. The car sits on H&R coils.

On top of the bold paint scheme, the exterior has Euro headlights, slim Euro bumpers, and a mono wiper, just to name a few things. Mounted proudly on the hatch is a very rare Riger rear wing. While the car rolls on 1552 Snowflake wheels, the ad reads like they are not included in the sale. You’ll need to verify with the seller.

Inside this Scirocco has black leather seats from a Corrado, black leather door cards (with manual crank windows – an interesting juxtaposition), a golf-ball shift knob, an aftermarket stereo, and a black headliner. If you flip through the photos posted on Dropbox, you’ll see a rear-facing baby seat will fit in the back. If your significant other balks at the idea of a Scirocco being impractical, simply keep this photo handy.

With all the enhancements made to this ‘Rocco, it’s sure to be a screamer in a straight line. But these little hatches are also excellent handlers. Yes, they’re front-wheel-drive, but their light weight and low seating position help keep the mass down low. Just as the current owner knows, these cars can be a terror on the track.

So if you’ve been looking for a weekend toy, this un-red 1987 Scirocco 16V could be the right car for you. See it yourself in (the fun to say) Clackamas, Oregon. Or take a look at the classified ad on Current asking price: $6500.