Find Of The Day: Turbo Bunny

Not all fast VW hatchbacks are GTIs. This Find Of The Day started as a plain-Jane Rabbit, and now it’s much much more. Like 410 horsepower more.

There are modified Rabbits and then there’s this modified 1982 Rabbit L. There’s not much left that is stock.

“Nothing ORIGINAL in the engine bay or mechanical. All redone, upgraded, replaced with newer and better!” says the ad. And that’s highly accurate. The car started as a rust-free shell, to which all the other bits were added. The engine is a 9A 2.0-liter block bored to 2.1 liters. It has upgraded internals, a freer-flowing head, and a whole bunch more.

The highlight, though, is the BahnBrenner turbo kit. Paired with all the other upgrades, the owner states the car makes 410 horsepower at the crank, 342 at the wheels. This Rabbit does the 1/4 mile in a little more than 12 seconds. This is a seriously fast car. And the seller says it’s dead reliable; starts on the first try every time and has been running in this state of tune for over 5 years.

The enhancements don’t stop in the engine bay. This little Bunny has a beefed-up transmission to handle all that power, as well as a limited slip diff. There’s a full coilover suspension along with rear disc brakes from an ’88 GTI.

A period-correct body kit (Kamei?) enhances the looks of the car and allows room for the wider wheels. There’s even a hood scoop mounted up front if you’re into that sort of thing. The (maybe Euro) bumpers and a lot of the trim is painted to match the body, giving the Rabbit a very clean look. The seller calls it a “sleeper” but we’d shy away from that description.

There’s a ton of information on the eBay ad for this ’82 Rabbit L, including the dyno readouts. The car is in Brooklyn, New York. The current bid is $3,550, and it hasn’t reached the reserve. The Buy It Now price is $12,000. Considering the seller has over $30,000 put into the car, this is almost a bargain.

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