Find of the Day: 1978 Volkswagen GTI

The debate between buying a vehicle built to someone else’s dream spec or simply building it yourself is one that’s caused its fair share of discussion within our forums.  Today’s Find of the Day just might re-ignite such debate, as it’s been modified to a very high level with an extremely clear focus- performance.


This GTI’s most prominent modifications reside underhood, so we might as well start there.  The 1.8 liter four has been heavily breathed on, featuring high compression pistons, a G grind Volkswagen Motorsport camshaft, port and polished cylinder head, larger throttle body and a host of other tweaks.  To make the most of this newfound power, the close-ratio 5 speed has been fitted with a 3.65 final drive and a quaff differential was installed.  The brakes and suspension have also been upgraded, and Recaro front seats ensure that the driver and copilot stay planted and comfortable.  Moving to the exterior, a quad-round grille, small bumpers and flares work to make the car closely resemble its European market equivalent.


As with any car that is purchased post-modification, there are a few things that we’d change.  First, we noticed that this GTI does not have a tachometer, which is certainly something we’d change.  Also, the car does have a few dings and some surface rust in the driver’s side rain gutters, which would need to be addressed.  Normally these wouldn’t really be issues, but at an asking price of $22,500, it’s certainly something worth mentioning.

Additional images and information can be found right here.