Find of the Day: 1986 Quantum Syncro Wagon

Alright, so yesterday’s Find was met with quite a bit of skepticism.  To the point where I almost bought it myself.  Almost.  But instead, I decided to look high and low for a Find that would not only be well received, but also be something a bit more special.  And luckily, before I could actually open a second window to peruse the multiple used car websites found online, a proper Find appeared to me in the form of a Tweet from David Eggen.


What you’re looking at is a 51,000 original mile Quantum Syncro Wagon, likely the nicest stock example you’ll find.  Apart from what the 9 pictures found in the for sale ad suggest, the seller really doesn’t have much information available aside from price.  For $6,795, this syncro could be yours.  Seeing as you won’t find another in similar shape and the relative quirkiness of the car, we’d say that’s a deal.

Check out the full listing here, and shoutout to David Eggen for the tip!