Find of the Day: 2003 Volkswagen Golf GTI 20th Anniversary

When it comes to the fourth generation GTI, they simply don’t get much more desirable than the Jazz Blue 20th Anniversary edition.  And while we may not all agree on the whole ‘stance’ thing, this 20th pulls off the look quite well, fitting squarely into the “buy it built” category.


The list of modifications performed to this Jazz Blue GTI are quite lengthy, so rather than subject you to the entire list, we’ll just focus on a few of the more original cues.  If you’re anything like us, the first thing you’d have noticed were the gen 1 Viper three spoke wheels measuring 17×9 and 17×10, respectively stuffed under this Mk4’s arches.  It just might be the only Mk4 to run this setup in the world, and is distracting enough to take away from the many nips and tucks happening elsewhere on the exterior.


Moving to the interior, you’ll find a wood-grain Grant steering wheel, european ‘confetti’ Recaro seats and a rear seat delete.  Aside from that, the interior has been largely left alone, and that’s not such a bad thing.

This 20th Anniversary GTI is currently for sale in our very own Classifieds section for $10,5000.  Additional images and contact info can be found right here.

[header image credit: some guy photography]