Find of the Day: DM Motorsport’s Mid-Engine Mk1

After what we can only assume to be 250 miles of sheer terror, Frederic Calvé has put his 4.2 liter V8 powered Mk1 Golf up for sale.  As we’ve featured this car in the past we won’t trouble you with all the details, but what we will say is that this is without-a-doubt the most impressive Mk1 we’ve ever seen.


With the aforementioned Audi S4-sourced V8 behind the front seats, an interior pulled from a Porsche, and enough chassis bracing to keep the thing from ripping itself apart, the Mk1 is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.  More importantly, the car was built with foresight, allowing the motor to be dropped with just a few bolts for servicing.


Now for the most important bit- the price.  Coming in at $75,000 CAD (or $57,062 USD), the entry price may seem steep, but when you factor in the time and money spent building it, that sum isn’t all that unreasonable.  To see the entire for sale ad (in French) click here.