Find of the Day: This 67 Bug is Ready for Baja

Imagine it: the sea breeze in your hair, the roar of a flat four, the sand somewhere below you, your best buddy at your side, holding onto the panic handle for dear life, begging you to slow down. There’s something about a Baja Bug that just makes you smile. It’s kind of silly, but in a capable way. Like Shaq. Neither takes themselves too seriously, but they can throw their weight around when they need to.

This 1967 Beetle started its long road to Baja (the state of being, not the place) in the mid ‘80s, but the project didn’t wrap up until 2012, a year after the current owner/seller bought it. Since then, the seller has put on about 1500 miles, but that’s all it’s got on the clock since it was rebuilt. As a result, it’s never been raced and John Fogerty would be disappointed, because it’s never seen the rain. This Baja hasn’t even ever seen the sand and  as a result it’s remarkably clean.

And you could be the one to get it dirty!


The lack of miles shows. The car looks showroom fresh. The body is all but perfect, the engine is still shiny, and the interior looks perfect. The interior even looks cool, to my eye. Maybe the fashions of the ‘80s are finally coming back, because those seats look ideal for the car.

The junk in the trunk includes an/a 1835cc custom ported engine, Weber carbs, a custom intake, MSD ignition, a K&N sand filter, and more. The Baja sits on a custom built tubular front suspension up front that ties into the roll and engine cages. There are four adjustable nitrogen Fox shocks in the back to protect your spine.


The list of modifications goes on for, pretty much, ever. This Baja Bug has been thoroughly looked over. It’s been to shows in the north west and, according to the seller, won best in show.

This Baja looks like it really wants to go play in the dirt and it ought not to be denied. That is, if you can afford its $18,000 price tag. Check out all the details over at