Fire Breaks Out at Seat Historical Collection, Cars Unharmed

A fire broke out at the Seat historical collection in Spain earlier this week, however, it’s understood that no cars were destroyed in the blaze and that no one was hurt.

According to Spanish publication Motorpasion, the building housing the Seat historical collection caught fire on Monday evening. The fire is alleged to have started in the maintenance workshop of the building, which is located in Barcelona’s port lands area, before spreading to other parts of the building.

Seat employees removed cars from the historical collection, realizing the fire department would not be able to put the blaze out in time to save all the cars, Motorpasion reports.

The Seat 600 – a staple of the historical collection

In a tweet dug up by Jalopnik, Seat employees can be seen pushing a number of vintage Seat vehicles out of  the burning building and into a nearby parking lot.

Among the vehicles seen being pushed to safety was the Fiat Panda-based Seat Marbella Popemobile. The tiny little Popemobile was built for the Papal visit to Barcelona in the fall of 1982, in which Pope John Paul II hosted a mass for a congregation of over 121,000 people.

It’s not clear how much damage has been done to the building that formerly housed the 200 vintage Seats, not what the automaker will do with the cars whilst the warehouse is being repaired.

[source: Motorpasion/Jalopnik]