[Update] Follow Along With DAP’s Badass Mad Maxian Alltrack Build

[Updated: The DAP boys took their badass Alltrack to a rallycross event and it didn’t go particularly smoothly. Their suffering is your entertainment.]

Deutsche Auto Parts picked up a totaled Mk7 Alltrack a few weeks ago and has been working to make it much more rugged.

The Golf had some pretty substantial damage to the front passenger side quarter. It’s a look DAP has leaned into so far, adding a chunky bull bar, fog lights, and not bothering with a front bumper.

Two weeks ago, the team lifted its Alltrack and in the most recent video, they throw on some bigger Audi TTS brakes up front and some spacers on the back.

The results are more than a little badass. Even with the reasonably-sized wheels and tires, this takes the look of capability that VW baked in and runs with it.

So far, the series is seven episodes long, and the guys at DAP seem to have more planned for the build, including a more permanent rear suspension set up. Check it all out below and on their YouTube page.

disclosure: DAP is one of our valued advertisers, but we haven’t been paid to promote this series. We just think it’s cool.