Follow Along with this R32-Squareback Bodyswap Build

Just trying to get a project car from broken to back on the road is hard enough, but for some, that’s not enough. For some, it’s not enough to make a car just work again, some people choose to combine two cars to make something weird and wonderful and completely new. Ben Gilman is one such person.

Having just started posting his project to YouTube, his R32-Squareback build is just coming into its own on the internet, but it’s been going on for a little more than a year, Gilman tells us.

With just weekends to work on it, it’s taken time to even get it to this point, where the body and chassis are starting to come together. Helping with that process is Gilman’s garage.

“My garage has been a project in itself to get set up,” Gilman tells us. “[I’ve been] slowly adding things to make work easier. The biggest one being the crane we built in the attic to lift and roll the body off and on.”

With it, Gilman is hopeful that the project will at least be running and driving—if not exactly “on the road”—by the end of the year.

And just so you don’t think Gilman tore apart a perfectly good R32, he got the car at auction with rear-end damage, though he says that it wasn’t severe enough to make it run poorly.

Th Squareback, meanwhile, came from a painter/pinstriper in Las Vegas that he had shipped out to his home in Virginia.