Former VW CEO Indicted in Federal Court

Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen’s former CEO, was charged in federal court in a superseding indictment unsealed in Detroit today.

The former CEO is being charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and violation of the Clean Air Act, all of which are in relation to the Dieselgate scandal that rocked the automaker in 2015.

The ninth person to be charged in relation to emission scandal, Winterkorn was CEO at VW from 2007 to September 2015, when the scandal broke.

Winterkorn is accused of specifically approving efforts to mislead government regulators in the indictment.

The indictments were filed in March and unsealed today because there is no longer a belief that it will compromise an ongoing investigation, according to US Attorney Matthew Schneider, who spoke to Automotive News.

[source: Jalopnik]