Forum Friday: 50,000 Mile ’92 Corrado

It’s getting harder and harder to find good Corrados. While they garnered praise from the media back in the day, they were expensive, and a bit, temperamental shall we say? Many of these cars were set aside when repairs came too often and were too expensive. So when you find a good Corrado, you jump on it, and that’s just what VWvortex member JDCorrado did.

Back in 2013, JD found this black 1992 Corrado SLC at the Toy Barn in Columbus, Ohio. With some great Euro mods, a perfect body, and ultra-low miles, there was a lot of interest in the car. JD drove four hours from Detroit to see it, and he bought it on the spot.

JD is the third owner of the car. The first owner had it for 10 years, the second for 11. The Corrado only had 45,000 miles when it left the Toy Barn’s lot, and this past August his ’92 SLC turned 50,000 miles.

In the years he’s had it, JD has lovingly maintained this car. Despite a recall years back, the heater core was never replaced, so he followed the directions our forum members put together and swapped it out. He’s repaired the sunroof, fixed the rear seats, swapped out brake lines, fired his children as helpers, and installed a glass sunroof from a B4 Passat. And that’s just some of what’s on the first page of his thread.

Since it’s Friday, take a break from your regular work and peruse JDCorrado’s Corrado thread. We guarantee by the end you’ll be searching for your own VR6 coupe.