Forum Friday: Cool Norwegian Turbo Corrado

This week I learned a few things about Norway. This Nordic country has fjords, glaciers, excellent skiing, and some really cool architecture. Oh, and Volkswagen sold the Corrado G60 there. And one of our members has shared his Corrado ownership experience in our forums. So on this Forum Friday let’s take a look at Oekern’s Norwegian cruise line: his 1989 Corrado G60.

Way back in 2008, a young Norwegian, who goes by Oekern in our forums, got his license and bought a bright red 1989 Corrado G60. He loved that car, and despite having little mechanical knowledge, he set out on a journey that would last, well, to this day.

Now as you probably already know, Corrados aren’t known for their reliability, and Oekern discovered this pretty quickly. He started driving the car in May 2008, and by autumn that same year, the car was kaput. He started a tear down a short time later, and next thing he knew, it was 2014.

So that’s where his thread starts: with pulling the car out of storage, and starting his build. His build goes through many stages, and there are many ups and downs. The most exciting: when Oekern ditched the G-lader supercharger and upgraded to turbocharging.

But best of all is the support he’s received from fellow owners in the Corrado forums. We’ve said this before, but the help and advice that can be found in our forums are immeasurable.

So enjoy Oekern’s ’89 Corrado thread. And drop him a compliment on all the work he’s put in on his beloved ‘Rado in chilly Norway.