Forum Friday: Russian 2.5TFSI Quattro Scirocco

Ready for a great Friday diversion? Love wild build threads? Questionable English skills? If you answered “Da!” to any of those questions, then today’s Forum Friday feature is for you.

Now we’ve seen in the forums how much our readers wanted Volkswagen to bring the third version of the Scirocco to North America. Unfortunately, that was a resounding “Nyet!” from execs. So feast your eyes on VWvortex member AlexAnikin’s Scirocco RS Quattro.

This build thread has it all: custom paint, Recaro seats, tons of photos of wiring spilled out all over (and who doesn’t love that!?). It all started way back in 2014 when Alex bought a Scirocco 2.0T. There were some minor modifications to start: Eibach springs, Peloquin limited-slip differential, Audi alloy wheels. Then things took an exciting turn when the white ‘Rocco was painted Monza Blue, a color available on MK2 GTIs. There were other modifications: an upgraded turbo, Audi R8 (front) alloy wheels, Audi TT seats, and more.

And then, tragedy. The Monza Blue Scirocco was rear-ended. So Alex took those lemons and made 5-cylinder, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive lemonade. A new rear end from Poland was welded in. A totaled Golf R donated parts. Bits and pieces were sourced from all over. It’s tough to tell, but it looks like Alex stripped his own perfectly fine Audi RS3 for the running gear. Nuts.

And upgrades aren’t limited to the mechanicals. There’s custom headlights, custom gauge clusters, and even color-matched seatbacks.

So, Alex, we salute you with shots of the strongest Russian vodka. We might not have gotten the MK3 Scirocco here in the United States, but we’ll live vicariously through you and your 2.5TFSI coupe. And for this build, we say “Spasiba!”

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