Forum Friday: SuperchaR32d VR6

It’s Friday, so here’s a thread from our very own forums that, we hope, transport you away to simpler times. Like when you could pay to eat food with strangers in a public space. Or when your children learned things in a large room with other children. You know, the good ole’ days. And what better way to transport you away, mentally at least, than with a thread all about adding power; specifically, supercharging a MKV R32.

Oh yes; VWVortex member DJNastie has built himself a blown wookie (giggle). A little over a year ago he sourced a full supercharging system from TVS Engineering in the Netherlands. TVS has been upgrading cars and selling performance parts since 2005 but had never sold an R32 supercharger system to someone in the United States until DJNastie bought one.

We don’t know much about the standard TVS kit, but we have to imagine it was created to go onto a stock R32 VR6 engine. And DJ’s car was anything but stock; his ’08 has a United Motorsports “triple tune,” Schrick cams, and much more. You’re probably guessing where this is headed: installation was anything but easy.

We won’t put in any spoilers, but the build was quite the undertaking. The TVS system arrived at DJ’s door on 3/22/2019, and his first drive was 10/27/2019. But what a drive it was; supercharger whine on approach, then pure wookie growls as it scooted away.

And now for the big question you’re asking: how fast is a supercharged MKV R32? Well, you gotta read the thread to find out. Spoiler: it’s super fast.

If you’re into technical builds, DJNastie’s thread it right up your drag lane. Make sure to drop a kind word or compliment at the end of his thread.

Stay sane everyone.