Forum Friday: Awesome Alltrack

It’s with heavy hearts that we post this story. What we’re sharing here is an incredible MK7 Golf Alltrack wagon. Why the sadness? It was announced this past July that the Alltrack, just like its spiritual grandparent the Quantum Syncro Wagon, will be a “one and done” model.

After just a few years on the market, the Alltrack will scramble up and over that mountain top, never to return. Before it goes, let’s take a look at Myke’s (a.k.a. VWvortex member AllThingsGhetto) solid sliver sled. If ever there was a car to motivate you to pick up one of these all-wheel-drive beauties, this is it.

Myke picked up his Alltrack in early 2018, and he started modding it almost immediately. Badges were removed, rear hatch wings were added, as well as a spoiler extender. This wasn’t going to be the typical lifted wagon, oh no.

Along with 19″ Golf R “Pretoria” wheels, Myke added a full air-ride suspension, taking his high-riding Alltrack to a low-riding wagon. Later came carbon-fiber mirror caps, an aftermarket exhaust, and a Thule roof box.

As you read through Myke’s thread, the Alltrack goes through more than a few transformations. There are some wheel swaps, suspension swaps, and more. The final post made just a few weeks ago shows how the car kind of comes full circle.

So if you love Alltracks, and we know you wagon lovers are a passionate group, check out AllThingsGhetto’s thread. Then start searching for your own all-wheel-drive wagon.