Forum Friday: BFI GLI is a BFD

Black Forest Industries knows their way around Volkswagen and Audi cars. Located in Cary, North Carolina, BFI manufactures their own line of aftermarket parts and they have a full-service department. These folks take cars seriously.

Recently BFI added a Mk7 Jetta GLI to their stable. And it’s not just any GLI, there’s is 35th Anniversary Edition. The 35AE’s feature model-specific wheels, special badging, and Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) as standard. Well BFI wants to explore the potential of VW’s newest sports sedan, and they’re documenting their work in our forums.

And the build thread is quite thorough and well written. It starts with their 100% stock GLI, and over the course of a few pages, they document the updates with excellent photos. On top of that, they make sure to go into detail with the parts they are using. They share not only how the add-ons are a bit superior to the OEM units, but they also say why these parts add to the car’s performance.

One interesting item you should pay attention to is the use of H&R springs that won’t affect the DCC magnetic shock’s operation. Volkswagen’s adding DCC to more models, and a few of our members have wondered what suspension upgrades are possible. BFI’s doing the research for you!

In addition to the suspension upgrades, they bolt on BBS wheels, add some minor exterior enhancements (the upper grille panel wrap is a subtle, but well-done touch), and more. Most recently they’ve posted a photo of a very intriguing future change: a larger turbo.

So while the MK7 GLI has been met with criticism (styling, under-bolstered seats) and praise (price, handling similar to the GTI), BFI’s build thread could sway some detractor’s opinions.

Watch their Project GLI thread; there’s more exciting stuff coming! This is one car that’s bound to be a big forum deal.