Forum Friday: Canadian Corrado

Here’s the trouble with writing this series: you fall in love with a new car every week. Our latest infatuation: the iconic Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6. Mmmm: narrow-angle six-cylinder. Today’s Forum Friday features a ‘Rado from our super friendly neighbours up nourth. So let’s take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about Canada.

Canadian Lesson #1: Kilometers

Back in 2016, VWvortex member Nenad.J purchased a clean, but broken, Flash Red Corrado VR6 that was in Alberta. He had the car shipped over 3,000 kilometers to Ontario. How far is that in miles? A quick Google conversion shows that’s over 1,800 miles.

Canadian Lesson #2: Geography

Alberta, where the car came from, is above Montana, the tip of Idaho, and about half of Washington state. Ontario aligns with the Great Lakes region. To put the car’s journey into perspective: it’s some 1,700 miles from New York City to Denver, Colorado. Nenad.J said the cost of the shipping was almost what he paid for the car.

Canadian Lesson #3: Weather

We all know that Canada is cold. Sub-zero temperatures (regardless of whether you measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit), bless Canadians with weather perfect for hockey, curling, and skiing. But to keep the roads passable, they need to use salt to melt the ice and snow. So throughout his build, Nenad.J had to deal with rust. Not fun.

There’s a lot more to learn about Canada, but that ends our lesson for today. To see the rest of Nenad.J’s Canadian Corrado and how he’s brought it back to life, pour yourself a glass of bagged milk, grab a plate of poutine*, and check out his thread in the Corrado forum.

*Apologies for over-used Canadian references. At least we didn’t use “-eh” in this article, eh?