Forum Friday: Corrado 3.6L for Coronavirus

We avoided the title “Corradovirus.” You’re welcome.

What better way to spend a quarantined Friday, than with an info-packed build thread from our forums! This week we bring you what looks like a stock Corrado SLC. Not so fast! VWvortex member Row1Rich happened to have one of Volkswagen’s newer 3.6-liter VR6 engine laying around, and rather than drop it into his MK2 Golf or Quantum Syncro Wagon (QSW), he eventually landed on a silver SLC.

Now you’d think swapping one VR6 engine for another VR6 engine would be simple, right? Yeah, no. From his very first post, there’s a whole bunch of mounts and cross members needed to make this all work. Luckily the folks at Fabless Manufacturing have all the parts needed to bolt in the 3.6L.

Along with the mounts, Rich also picked up a “plug and play” wiring harness to mate the new engine to the older electronics. He had the transmission rebuilt and a Wavetrac differential installed.

His Corrado also has a custom exhaust, refinished OEM “Speedline” wheels, Wilwood brakes, and a few other odds and ends.

He just recently finished up the build, but sadly there’s no post outlining how it drives; the engine keeps going into limp mode. For reference, a stock ’93 Corrado SLC with the 2.8-liter 12-valve VR6 made 178 horsepower. The 3.6-liter direct-injection (FSI) 24-valve VR6 makes almost 100 more horsies; 276HP. When Rich gets things buttoned up, this stock-appearing Corrado is going to be a screamer.

So enjoy Row1Rich’s coronavirus-free Corrado thread. And stay safe and sane out there.