Forum Friday: Get Schooled on GTI Mods

Happy Friday everyone! This week, one of our members is taking you back to school. It’s MK7 GTI Mods 101, and nicholam77 will be your instructor. So if you currently own, or are thinking about picking up Volkswagen’s latest GTI, here’s the thread you want to read.

So yeah, there are member threads with unbelievable cars; outrageous engine swaps, show car-quality paint jobs, and bodywork that’s been rolled, stretched, welded, and cut down. But from time to time, one of our thoughtful members not only keeps all of us up to date on a car’s progress but also shows you how you can do it yourself. And nicholam77’s thread does just that.

Back in November 2015, nicholam picked up a 2016 MK7 GTI SE Performance Pack with Lighting Pack. It wasn’t long until the Carbon Steel Gray bunny got some upgrades. Being in Minneapolis (doncha know), Monster Mats and winter tires were first on the list. And instead of boring steel wheels, nicholam picked up a set of Audi-like 17″ Alzor wheels.

Next, he installed ECS solid shifter bushings to improve shift-feel. And here’s where nicholam77 begins his journey towards becoming Professor nicholam77. Rather than link to ECS’s instructions, s/he (don’t want to make assumptions) documents and photographs the swap-out process. Check out the arrows, circled items, and text on the images. There are even animated gifs!

And the lessons keep coming. Want to install power folding mirrors on your GTI? The steps are outlined in the thread. Tired of crushed pinch welds? Install jack pads using nicholam’s instructions. Want one of those slick frameless auto-dimming mirrors? Yep, there’s a plan for that.

So if you’re new to modding, or to MK7 GTI’s, this thread is a must-read. Make sure to give Professor nicholam77 a good review at the end of the thread too; kind words go far.