Forum Friday: Lakkisj’s Latvian Bolf (Bolf!?)

Spend any time in our forums, and you’ll see the passion and pain people have regarding European Volkswagens. Posts like “We never get the good stuff in North America” are peppered all through our site. If you’re looking to feast your eyes on forbidden Euro-goodness, have we got the thread for you.

VWVortex member Lakkijs hails from the town of Talsi in the Republic of Latvia. Since he was in 9th grade, Lakkijs has wanted a Mk4 Golf, and in 2008 his dream became a reality. Within a few days, his blue Golf found its way to his home town and he began tearing into the little blue car.

You’ll notice that Lakkijs calls his car a Bolf. You might think it’s a shortened version of Blue Golf, but that’s not correct. He’s swapped the front fascia from a European Bora onto his Golf, hence Bolf. Over here we call them Jolf’s (Jetta fascia on a Golf). We have to say; the square headlights really work well with the lines of the car.

In addition to the face swap, Lakkijs also installed a full beige leather interior, including the beige seatbelts. The Bolf gets lowering springs, and later a whole coilover kit (including protective covers Lakkijs sews himself).

One interesting mod that will blow people’s minds: he modifies his OEM texturized front bumper trim to add U.S.-spec front marker lights. That’s right; while all of us try to hide our orange sidelights, guys in Europe are adding them.

If you’re looking for a thread to peruse on the first Friday of 2020, check out Lakkisj’s Latvian Bolf in the MkIV forums.