Forum Friday: The (Literally?) Cleanest MkIII Golf Ever

We all have our “things.” If you’re on our site, Volkswagens are your thing. Your other car buddies might be different; Mustangs might be their thing. Or Deloreans. Or AMC Pacers (no judgments). Well, VWvortex member ZACHER3tuning’s thing are MKIII Golfs. He loves them. He has three (three? MkIII? Is there a correlation?), including a Euro-spec 1993 CL he just imported.

But this week’s Forum Friday focus is on his 1998 Golf GL. Back in 2017, he bought the car from the original owner and immediately started on his newest project. From the very first photos in the thread, you can see what drew him to this car; it’s incredibly clean. There’s not a spot of rust anywhere.

In fact, you’ll see through the photos in the thread, there’s not only zero rust on this Golf, there’s zero dirt on it too. From his own admission, ZACHER3tuning is quite OCD; he says he’s “obsessed” with cleanliness. We’re not sure if that’s limited to just his cars. Take a look at the photos of the gas door and filler neck: spotless. He once removed the rear doors to make sure the jambs were as clean as possible. You’ll hear people say a car is a “clean build.” This one’s literally a clean build.

In addition to hours and hours of scrubbing things, he’s also assembled some cool MkIII accessories. His ’98 has a bunch of NOS parts; Bonrath single wiper, Kamei bumper vents, Hella “all red” taillights, and much more. It’s silly to admit, but the carpeted floor mats with the embossed VW emblems are especially cool. So is the 90’s Autotech windshield banner.

So if MkIII Golfs are your thing, or if you find yourself watching pressure-washing videos on youtube, this thread is for you. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and ZACHER3tuning may just be a MkIII god. Take a look at his thread in our forums and decide for yourself.