Forum Friday: Meticulous Norwegian Golf Restomod

Prepare yourself for today’s Forum Friday feature: the thread is nearly 15 years old and has 50 pages. What makes this one so special? A couple of things. One, it’s a restoration of a 1978 Volkswagen Golf and not a GTI or a Scirocco or something a little more “special.” Two, the attention to detail is amazing. We’re talking near Concours-quality. Three, this car is in Norway. And four, the restorer, VWvortex member ekkoj, had never worked on a car prior to this project. Wow!

So way back in 2005, ekkoj found this Lofoten-green Golf and jumped right into fixing it up. His plan was to repair the rust, respray it, then drop in a new engine, and lower it on some retro-looking Smoor wheels. But the interesting thing with his thread in our forums is the many iterations this car goes through. In the 14 years ekkoj has owned it he’s toyed with a couple of different engines, different suspension setups, and a ton of different wheel combinations.

Despite all the visual changes, the one constant is how meticulous ekkoj is with this project. He sources not only major parts but nuts and bolts that mimic the original finish of what the car had when it rolled off the assembly line. And if he can’t find a part, he recreates it; there’s a passenger parcel shelf that he rebuilds using vinyl he sources from China. Check out the hood release latch on page 48; it’s cleaner than an operating room.

Some other nice things you’ll see in this thread are ekkoj’s other cars, the multiple garages he has over the years, and his most recent addition: a brand-new Audi e-tron towing his Golf.

So if you have a day to kill, or if work is a little light this Friday, check out the thread on this unbelievable Norwegian Golf.