Forum Friday: Paul’s Los Angeles-to-Poland Jetta

We did it: we once again reached the end of another week. As a reward for surviving these turbulent times, we’ve scoured our forums for an interesting member’s car to highlight. This week we have a MK3 Jetta 2.0. Now that might not be the most exciting car Volkswagen offered, but there’s more a bit more to this story. How so? This car is located in Poland, and Volkswagen didn’t sell the Jetta there.

Hardcore enthusiasts are probably thinking “So what? This is just a Vento rebadged as a Jetta, right?” Nope. While badge-swapping to model scripts from other countries to show mega-Euro you are is a thing, this isn’t that. What we have here is a genuine U.S.-spec Jetta GL.

So what’s the story? VWvortex member Paul van Eyden took ownership of this ’94 Jetta in 2017. The car passed around his family starting in 2006, but no one knew how this ex-pat got to Poland. Paul did some research, which he’s outlined in his thread, and verified this car originally came from Los Angeles, CA. We won’t spoil the details from the thread, but the car made it to Poland when it was still pretty new.

Over the years the Jetta had a few accidents, and since Jetta parts aren’t available in Poland, Vento and Golf parts were swapped in. When Paul got in 2017, he started sourcing the parts to return it to its original condition, and today he has one sharp-looking American Jetta.

So take some time today to read about his sedan’s journey to Poland and perfection, and then drop him a quick response of encouragement.