Forum Friday: R32 Racer (And It’s For Sale!)

You gotta pay to play, right? Well, VWvortex member Tachibanana has definitely paid. And paid. And paid. This week’s Forum Friday will have you gasping in awe, and your wallet gasping for air. His 2008 R32 is now for sale, and if you’re in the market for an unreal drag car, he’ll sell it to you for a $158,000 discount. Read on for details.

Back in 2015 or so, Tachibanana picked up what looks to be a pretty stock R32. He immediately tore into it. This all-wheel-drive Bunny got a huge Garrett turbocharger, forged internals, and much more. At Waterfest22 in 2016, it did the quarter-mile in the “high” ten seconds. Wow.

Tachi wasn’t satisfied. In went a whole bunch of new things, including a six-speed sequential gearbox, a beefier roll cage, and a fiberglass widebody kit. A bunch of things came out too; like most of the interior and the windshield (replaced with a polycarbonate one).

Oh, one more thing: he added a dry-sump kit as well, but later switched to a wet-sump. You’ll have to read the thread for more information on that one. If you’re not one for reading, his thread is only four pages.

All-in, Tachibanana figures he’s put close to $200,000 into this car. That’s not a typo. And here’s where the discount comes into play: he’s asking “only” $42,500 or best offer. A veritable bargain! Unlock your inner racer! Take a look at his for-sale ad in our forums.