Forum Friday: Unpimping Ze Auto

Oh, SNAP: We’re going to get lots of comments on this one. What’s up? This week we’ve got VWvortex member CD155MX and his previously tricked out whip, and it’s definitely not sucking.

So what makes today’s Forum Friday entry so controversial? It’s quite simple; CD155MX picked up this 2003 MKIV 20th Anniversary Edition GTI back in 2014 and he’s been removing mods from the previous owner. He’s unpimping his auto. So while most of our Forum Friday entries point you to a thread with incredible updates, this one is quite different.

His ride, pimped (not all the photos will have photobucket watermarks, bear with us)

And some of our readers aren’t going to like it. That killer blow-off valve? Gone; an OEM diverter valve is in its place. Those awesome 19″ forged and staggered wheels? Replaced with 18″ OZ Superleggeras. Recaro Speed seats and Schroth harnesses? Kicked to the curb. In the MK4 world this is just about heresy!

Now CD155MX hasn’t ditched all the mods; the Wilwood big brake kit is still in place as are the upgraded H&R  and Neuspeed swaybars. His 20th also has a Techtonics turbo-back exhaust, Bilstein coilovers, and much more.

his ride, unpimped

What also makes his thread interesting is how it’s a record of the work he’s done on the car. When something is replaced, he records it in our forums and illustrates it with photos. Even minor items are captured. In fact, we’d put his work somewhere between restoration and modding. Can a 2003 car classify as a resto-mod?

So if you’ve loved MKIV GTIs, and you have some time to kill, check out CD155MX’s thread and see the care he’s putting into this car. He definitely doesn’t get an F.

(And yeah, we know the “Unpimp Ze Auto” ads were for the MKV. Please don’t write us letters.)