Forum Friday: vw671 Build Thread

There’s nothing quite like starting a new build — especially if it’s a car that has some sentimental value. One driver on the VW Vortex forum under the username vw671 did just that. Let’s take a look at his build, and the reason he chose this particular car to rebuild.

The Car

Vw671’s first Volkswagen was a 1997 Mk3 GTi with a supercharged V6 engine.

“I bought it brand new and sold it in 2003 after getting married, buying a house, blah blah blah,” said Vw671. Parting with a car that is close to your heart is never easy, which is why he replaced it with a stock 2016 Golf-R, which was delivered in May of that year. It’s not enough to replace the car, though — once it arrived, it’s time to rebuild it!

The Build

This car has more mods than original parts now that the work is done. For the wheels, vw671 has replaced the stock rims with BC Forged HCS04S wheels. The base engine is nothing special, a 2.0L 4cylinder engine, but it can manage a whopping 282 horsepower. It doesn’t need a whole lot of work to begin with, but he still switched the intake out with a VWR R600, and the exhaust with an AWE Catted Downpipe with a resonator.

The base suspension definitely needed an upgrade — the front and rear end links are fully adjustable, and he replaced the shocks with an Air Lift 3H Performance Series. The brakes have been upgraded, as well, with ECS 2 Piece rear rotors, Neuspeed Full Floating 2 Piece rotors and six piston brake calipers.

A lot of the modifications are aesthetic — replacement rearview mirror, spoiler extension, billet aluminum knobs, a new heads-up display and license plate bracket, as well as a custom catch can, front splitter and front fenders. The radio even has custom stickers that got applied with a heat gun, and carbon fiber trim on the steering wheel.

This online motorhead ordered replacement wide fenders, which aren’t typically offered on U.S. versions of the Golf, directly from Germany and had them delivered to his door. The box that held the fenders was nearly taller than the car itself!

Vw671 even came up with his own custom adaptor for his jack — a 3-D printed jack puck to allow him to safely lift the car while he was working on it.

The Result

After tuning the engine, replacing the fenders and getting a new paint job, the car looks better than ever before. When it was equipped with the Titan 7 wheels, it was even featured on Titan’s Instagram page. It goes to show that you can enjoy some nostalgia while still creating one of the best builds of your life.

Vw671’s latest post on April 5 contained photos of the carbon fiber steering wheel trim, but that doesn’t mean that he’s done working on this fantastic build. We’re keeping an eye on the forums to see what he adds to this Golf next — you can’t mess with perfection, but you can definitely improve on it.

Check out all the pics and stats in the build thread!