ForumFriday: The Daily Boost Gets Even Faster

There are project cars, and then there are project cars that you get to take to the track, and forum user TheDailyBoost has spent a ton of time and effort working on the latter.  Let’s take a closer look at his 2015 Golf GTI build, and how he’s planning to make it even better in the coming year.

The 2017 Season

Creating a time attack car is no easy feat – and TheDailyBoost’s spring build wasn’t anything to write home about.  “I started the season with a pretty basic build, standard bolt ons and really not knowing much or what I would be getting into. Basically, the car in spring was a jb4, downpipe, and some PSS tires – clearly not a time attack build,” he said in his initial forum post.

In spite of the lack of customization, he still managed to finish 3rd in class and snag one win at the final event. Not bad for some basic bolt-ons and new tires.

The Build

So much has been done to this car between that first racing season, and the current.

The turbo, the ECU, and the TCU Tune have all been upgraded to IS38 models from GIAC.  The Intake, TMD, charge pipes, and turbo blanket are all by DBV2.

BMS provided the oil catch can and turbo inlet.  The cat back exhaust might be stock, but the 3-inch SS downpipe definitely isn’t.

The brakes and suspension have all been upgraded to ensure better handling. The stock calipers and rotors have been replaced with Prodigy Werks 6 piston calipers and 2-piece floating rotors. Sway bar links, camber plates, and coil overs have all been switched out. The PSS tires from the first time attack season have given way to Advanti Storm S1 Wheels and Pirelli Trofeo R Tires, with 8 millimeter spacers in the front.


In an effort to drop weight, the back seats have been removed – time attack rules state that anything behind the b-pillar can be removed, as long as you retain the headliner and carpet – and the heavy leather front seat has been swapped out for something light, sporty, and built for racing.

He’s also got a great racing wing on order – just a few inches narrower than the width of the car itself – and is having custom mounts fabricated because the GTI doesn’t come with suitable spoiler mounts.

The Races

In October of 2017, The Daily Boost spent some time at the Canadian Mosport GP track. In the video that he posted, you can see how beautifully this little car performs – and he wasn’t even pushing it to its limit due to the tricky turns and blind corners on the track, and the fact that it was his first time driving this particular track.

One of the latest additions to this neat little build is a custom 3-D printed AIM display housing. Ideally, he would like to remove the entire console and just work with the AIM display but currently the 2015 GTI won’t run without the OEM cluster, so he’s stuck with the integrated console for now.

It may not be done (is any car ever done?), but it still one of the most fascinating builds that we’ve seen in recent years. It proves that you can fairly easily turn something like a GTI into a time attack car – and even pull a few wins out of your hat with nothing more than a couple of standard bolt-ons. Summer is almost here, which means if you’re reading this you can probably do a few of these things yourself. First, make yourself a clean garage space to work. Then find something easy you can do without too much trouble like the standard bolt-ons that TheDailyBoost started with. Then as you get better, you can attack some of the more difficult stuff, and keep messing around until you have something you like. Nothing is stopping you but yourself.

Hopefully, all the work that TheDailyBoost has put into this GTI will carry him to more than a few victories.

Check out all the pictures and info on the build thread!