ForumFriday: Myke’s Alltrack Build


The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is a popular car, even though it’s sales were slowing in 2017.  In spite of that, it’s a favorite for VW fans across the country, and one in particular – VWVortex forum user Myke, who posts under the username AllThingsGhetto.  His new Alltrack build is still in its infancy – he only purchased the car in November 2017 – but he’s already done some amazing things with it.  Let’s take a closer look at Myke’s Alltrack build and what he’s planning on doing with it in the future.

The Golf Alltrack

Myke’s VW Golf Alltrack came home last November and, while gorgeous, was still equipped with all the stock stuff that you’d find on any old Alltrack. His first step was to add some bumper protection, to keep his kids and wife from scuffing up the bumper by loading and unloading groceries, sports equipment or whatever else they needed to haul.  To protect his kids from an overloaded trunk, he also added a wireframe barrier between the trunk and the rear seats.

The next step was to add his own little touches to the car – an R on the steering wheel for his last name, and more on the side spoilers. Next came a fantastic gloss black rear spoiler extension from Maxton Design – it might not look like much but it definitely adds some flair to the rear end of the car.

His next big project is to work on the wheels and suspension, which can be done easily with the right tools.  He swapped out the stock tires with 19″ Pretoria wheels and replaced the stock suspension with 3P Air Lift Performance air shocks. These nifty shocks allow him to raise and lower the drive height at the touch of a button – something that he loves when it comes time to wash and wax the roof of the car!

In the beginning of April, he swapped out the stock amber headlights with Helix Golf R models for a much clearer and more importantly brighter headlight set. His final aesthetic upgrade was a set of carbon fiber mirror caps for the side view mirrors – and the end result is nothing short of awesome.

We hope that this won’t be the last that we see of Myke’s Alltrack.  The work that he’s done to make the car his own is fantastic – and while he doesn’t have any plans to take it to any VW shows, we kind of wish he would. It just goes to show that even something fairly simple like an AllTrack can be turned into a unique and awesome piece of automotive engineering, if you’ve got a bit of time to spend working on it.