FOURum Friday: Corrados, Carbon Fiber, Comic Con, and…Weird Al?

Bye-bye Friday work ethic! What better way to start your weekend than with an excellent Corrado thread? And this one has Stefon-levels of posts: there are four Corrados, restored leather seats, Stormtroopers, a lost wheel, Comic-Con, and…Weird Al Yankovic.

To get this all going, VWvortex member g60racer/Brendan Prout owned three Corrados since the 90s. We won’t spoil the story, but they were pretty epic ‘Raddos. The last one met a very untimely demise when it rolled off a cliff. Yes, a cliff. The photo of the wrecked carcass is quite unsettling.

Despite the wreck, Brendan and his wife pined for another Corrado. An exhaustive search led them to a 1993 Corrado VR6 with, naturally, a manual automatic transmission. Heresy, you say? Well, Brendan had reasons for wanting a slushbox, the most important being the lovely enthusiast he’s married to. You see, one of those early Corrados belonged to Mrs. g60racer, and while she can drive stick, she just doesn’t like it. On top of that, this Corrado was going to be Brendan’s daily driver. And commuting in Southern California is a nightmare by itself, never mind with a clutch pedal to deal with. So auto it was.

From the moment he got it, Brendan started working on the car. He cleaned it up, upgraded the engine, swapped out the suspension, restored some Recaro leather seats, and a whole bunch more. He even got his 10-year-old daughter to remove the front end of the car. We think he bribed her.

But the most interesting part of this build thread, besides the time he lost a front wheel at speed on the freeway, is the carbon fiber accessories he’s added. Some bits came from his prior Corrados, and some are new. His ‘Raddogoes through a number of iterations with various carbon pieces.

So if you’re bored this Friday, or are looking for the perfect procrastination piece, check out g60racer’s Corrado thread in our forums. Just don’t complain to us when your boss questions your work ethic.