The RS 4 Avant is on Sale for €79,800

When the RS 4 Avant launched at the Frankfurt there were seconds—minutes even—of jubilation before the news broke that it wouldn’t be offered in the US.

Sadness doesn’t begin to describe the loss we felt at being deprived a 380 hp, 442 lb-ft of torque, twin-turbo V6-powered super wagon from the brand that perfected the format.

The wounds have been opened again, now that the car has gone on sale in Europe. Starting at €79,800 (about $93,00), the RS 4 Avant feels so close, (*wistfully*) and yet so far.

Its 2.9-liter V6’s turbos are stuffed in the middle of the V, which makes it a (relatively) little engine with a lot of punch. Although some were disappointed (in the RS 5, anyway) that no muscular V8 could be had, the smaller V6 will kick out 100 more pounding feet of torque than that model’s previous engine–two fewer cylinders notwithstanding–and as the old saying goes, torque wins races.

Thanks to Audi’s turbocharging expertise, all of the engine’s torque is available between 1,900 rpm and 5,000 rpm.

This RS 4 Avant harkens back to the original RS Audi, the RS 2, as a fast wagon, shown mostly in blue, just like its grand-pappy. It tickles a lot of car fetishes, but unfortunately, Audi believes it’s just too niche-y to bring stateward.

“Demand is simply too limited to justify it,” Audi USA’s Mark Dahncke told us back in September.