Golf 8 Earns 5 Star Safety Rating with a Caveat

You can now watch the Mk8 Golf tested in all its crashy glory thanks to Europe’s New Car Assessment Programme. And good news! The latest Golf gets 5 stars.

The car in question was the 5-door hatchback with the 1.5-liter gas engine, which side note only weighs about 2,900 lbs. It earned a 95% on adult occupant safety, an 89% on child occupant safety, a 76% for pedestrians, and 78% on its safety technology.

The Golf was good in all the ways you’d expect a modern car to be, cosseting its passengers in airbaggy goodness, but as the title suggests there is a caveat. From NCAP:

In the side barrier impact, protection of all critical body areas was good and the car scored full points in this test. However, during the test, the rear driver’s side door opened and the car was penalised [sic] for the risk of occupant ejection that this represents.

So, yeah. Probably not ideal. Still, it wasn’t enough to take a star off the Golf’s scorecard.

How this particular Golf’s score will translate in America or whether it will have to at all remains to be seen. Although the GTI and the Golf R are confirmed for the US market, VW’s still insists it’s evaluating the base Golf’s viability.