Golf R Colour Program Becomes Color Program!

Canada has come up with a few bright ideas in its time. Hockey, its eponymous bacon, single payer health insurance (edgy), but none is greater than the colour program. And now it’s being exported to America.

That’s right, the Volkswagen Spektrum Program will allow you to pick any one of 40 colors for your 2019 Golf R.

Unfortunately, the colors can’t be seen in the configurator (YET) but among the colors are Nogaro Blue Pearl, Violet Touch Metallic, Copper Orange, Caribbean Green, Viper Green Metallic (that’s Canada’s number one pick!), Deep Blue Pearl, Ginster Yellow and so many more (you can see them all in the image below).

Picking one of these historic colors will cost you an extra $2,500 and you’ll eventually be able to use the configurator to see the colors from 360 degrees. Dealers will also soon get a color sample kit, so you can see them in real life.

The option also means that your Golf R will have to be made to order. That means that you’ll have to wait two to four months to get it.

No word yet on whether or not the e-Golf will be offered with these colors, as is the case in Canada.