Golf R Sales Rise 350% in December, Proving that Winter is No Match for an AWD Hot Hatch

2019 wasn’t exactly a banner year for Volkswagen USA, but it was at least a good one. Sales rose 2.6% to a total of 363,322.

Of those, a total of nearly 4,200 were Golf Rs, which it will no doubt please you to hear. Although that’s not a massive proportion of overall sales—niche vehicles and all—it does mean that sales rose 22% as compared to last year.

Sales of the R were particularly strong in December, too. With nearly 400 leaving dealers it marked a nearly 350% increase in sales as compared to December 2018.

The eGolf’s sales, meanwhile, had similarly stark sales jumps. Although sales were only up 20% in December, the year was a strong one for the little EV. More eGolf’s sold in 2019 than Golf Rs, with a total of 4,800 leaving lots. That meant an increase of 260% as compared to 2018—which VW will no doubt find encouraging.

Sadly, the GTI’s sales weren’t as strong. Sales of the tartan Golf were down 30% last year. Despite that, it was still the best-selling in the family, though, and accounted for a full third of all Golf sales.

It’s easy, then, to see why VW is mulling only importing the Golf R and the GTI. Combined, all Golfs only accounted for 10% of VW’s sales and all of the GTIs sold in 2019 only added up to fewer than two months of Jetta sales.

More than 100,000 Jettas sold in 2019 making it the second-best-selling VW of 2019, behind the Tiguan, of which nearly 110,000 sold. The Atlas, too, sold well for a total of more than 80,000. Volkswagen’s double-up on SUVs strategy, then, looks like it will have a positive impact on its sales charts.