H20i Postponed Until 2018

One of the Volkswagen scene’s foremost car shows, H20 International, has been canceled for 2017. The show has not been canceled permanently, though, with organizers expecting the show to return in 2018.

Organizers announced the move today in a post on the show’s official site. The decision came after concerns over maintaining the quality of the show proved too much for event organizers.

“After working extraordinarily hard to provide you with the same quality of even that you have come to expect,” starts the release, “I am saddened to announce that this year’s H2Oi will be postponed until next year.”

The east coast show is known as the “laid back” event for watercooled Volkswagen Group cars and attracts hundreds of cars and thousands of guests every year. The show has become one of the staples of the car show season for VW fans, but with difficulties in finding a venue and a quickly ending season, the show could not go on.

“I personally cannot thank you enough for your continued support,” reads the release. “I look forward to seeing you next year, when we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of H2Oi the right way!”

Despite the bad news, the release ended with a positive tease from the show’s organizers.

“Please stay tuned for the announcements about an exciting and brand new H2Oi Series, starting in Spring 2018.”