Harlequin and Skoda Among Weirdest Sepcial Editions

The UK’s Auto Express has been hard at work counting down its weirdest special editions and the Polo Harlequin and the Skoda Felicia Fun both made the list. It’s a fun article, but I quietly suspect that there are some other VWs that could have made the list.

The Polo Harlequin is effectively the same as the Golf Harlequin. Like the Golf, it’s basically just a stock Polo with as many differently colored body panels as possible. Not that weird in the VW community, but apparently quite strange outside of it.

The Skoda Felicia Fun, meanwhile, is weird because it’s a bright yellow (inside and out), mini pick-up with a hoop spoiler and rear seats that can be folded out from the back of the cab. From a brand known for being serious, it came out of left field, to say the least.

04 Skoda Felicia FUN

The other cars on the list are all strange, too. It features everything from a Walking Dead Hyundai Tucson to the curiously named DS 3 Le Makeup.

Still, though, the lack of a #PinkBeetle, the first car to ever be named with a hashtag, feels like an omission.


If you open the back catalog (which, admittedly Auto Express expressly said they weren’t) you can also find the Jeans Bug, which was orange for some reason. And also it featured denim seat covers.

What other special edition Volkswagens belong on this list?


(Bye Felicia)