Hey! Check Out Jamie Orr’s Polo Harlequin on Donut Media

Friend of the site Jamie Orr has been doing great stuff with Volkswagens for years now. And as you may know, there might not be a better authority on Harlequins anywhere.

That’s why, Donut Media’s Bumper 2 Bumper is featuring Orr’s gorgeous, highly Harlequinized Polo.

The Polo was built for a show in Holland and Europe’s ST Suspensions wanted to show it off at SEMA. So it got a 1-year visitor visa (who knew that cars could get those?) and has been doing the rounds.

Not only are the four wheels painted in the four Harlequin colors, the springs on the ST Suspension shocks are, too.

Under the hood, Orr took the 1.8T out of a Mk4 Golf and squeezed it into the Polo’s engine bay. It’s got a big turbo and a tune, all of which makes about 250 hp.

North Americans are probably more familiar with the Golf Harlqequin because, well, they were actually sold here. But the Polo predates the Golf and a Beetle put together for an ad predates them all.

Check out the full build breakdown in the video above.