Holy Hell, VW Actually Made a Fun Jetta Ad

For a company whose reputation in the US is largely predicated on one of the most famous ad campaigns ever, VW’s recent ads have been—well, forgettable is about as kind as I can put it.

Based on less-than-remarkable wordplay, VW’s recent ads have suggested that we “Betta Getta Jetta” and that we should sign then* drive. Hm.

Its latest ad for the GLI, though, actually involves humor and a trust that 4-year-olds aren’t the ones watching the ads.

The ad opens on two friends having an affectionate argument in the GLI before they street-park the car. Instead of hearing the telltale beep of a locking car, though, we hear the passenger asking GLI’s owner if he plans to lock the door.

“Nah, it’s a stick shift,” is the answer. That’s followed by the tag “For self-driving people.”

Okay, so it isn’t exactly Oscar Wilde, but it is an amusing exchange and it shows a canny knowledge of its target audience. The kind of person who wants a GLI (read: me) is exactly the kind of person who would smugly share stories about manual transmission foiling dumb thieves (read: also me).

There’s also a great detail in the small print: “Legally we have to tell you that you should always lock your car, so you should lock your car.”

This very point was brought up by Jalopnik’s David Tracy, who wrote that the premise of the ad was questionable. With all due respect to Tracy (legit, we love his work), we can’t help but feel that worrying about whether or not enthusiasts—who are famously chill about their cars’ safety, cleanliness, and reputation—will bother to lock their doors just feels like taking on unnecessary stress.

There are a lot of problems in the world, whether or not someone will fail to understand the spirit of an ad is a small enough problem that you officially don’t have to worry about it. You are absolved of all worry related to this issue. I absolve you.

Now go enjoy this ad and then worry about some real stuff, like whether or not the planet will still be habitable by the end of it.