This Homebrew Car Ad May Convince You to Buy this #GoodLittleCar

The new Jetta is great and all, but have you ever considered a not new Jetta? Like this example from 2003 that’s being sold up in Cochrane, Alberta.

At first glance, the black Jetta may look unremarkable, but never judge a book by its cover, as this ad from the seller points out.

Following in the rich tradition of sellers with camera equipment making rad ads for their… unassuming cars, this Jetta ad promises you the love and affection of all and sundry, the ability to chug drinks (because there are no cup holders), and the St. Patrick-approved freedom from snakes (although there are some loose subwoofer wires in the trunk that you’ll probably want to do something with).

Truly, it is a #goodlittlecar and it’s selling for $3,200 Canadian. Check it out on Kijiji.