Hyundai May Bump Audi from the Spider-Verse

Audi may be losing its promotional place in the Spider-Man movies to Hyundai. The Korean cars will appear in at least five upcoming movies, according to a new deal, which includes the sequels to Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and other non-spider-themed movies, like Uncharted.

The deal will not kick Audi out of the Marvel universe, though. As some of you may be aware, Spider-Man is owned by Sony Entertainment, rather than Marvel and Disney.

Hyundai hasn’t yet revealed what cars it will put in these movies, but Audi made good use of Spider-Man’s premieres and screen time. Spider-Man: Homecoming included an Audi TT, a short film featuring a driving lesson, and Audi made use of the premiere to preview the Audi A8.

Hyundai has said it will offer “substantial marketing support” for the films. In return, Hyundai will not only get screen time but has also hinted that there will be a virtual reality gaming experience (kind of like Audi did that with Guardians of the Galaxy) and the partnership will also lead to concept vehicles produced for the movies—kind of like in Spies in Disguise.

Audi’s partnership with the Marvel franchise goes back to the film that started it all for the MCU, Iron Man. In that film, Tony Stark drove an R8, whose design was itself previewed in the film I, Robot.