So This is Just the Volkswagen I.D. with a SEAT Badge, Right?

We’ve seen it in concept form, we’ve seen it under camouflage, and now we’ve seen it with a SEAT badge on it: the Volkswagen I.D. hatchback.

This is SEAT’s annoyingly capitalized “el-Born.” Named after a trendy neighborhood in Barcelona, this is SEAT’s first crack at the electric hatchback.

More than that, though, it’s about as good a first look as you’ll get at the I.D. hatchback before it’s actually unveiled later this year.

Among the standard “we’re committed to lowering CO2” stuff, SEAT has offered us a look at what this concept is supposed to hit 62 mph in 7.5 seconds. Which, all things considered, is pretty steady. Some might call that disappointing since one of EVs’ defining abilities is their ability to get to speed quickly.

Less disappointing is SEAT’s promise that the el-Born will be able charge its batteries in as little as 47 minutes. But SEAT quotes a range of just 420 km. That adds up to about 260 miles of range, and that’s according to Europe’s considerably more optimistic testing program.

Granted, the el-Born and the I.D. hatch are supposed to be low-buck EV with prices allegedly starting at around 24,000 Euros, so some concessions to price have to be made. Reports are still out about ranges of up to 550 km for higher trim models, so maybe SEAT was just quoting numbers for a low-to-mid-range model.

Naturally, judgment should be withheld until the production cars are actually here. And at the reported price, the I.D. would cost a little more than half as much as Polestar’s newly announced EV, the Polestar 2. With 375 miles of range and 0-60 times of just under 5 seconds, there’s also quite a bit more performance.