LaFerrari and Volkswagen Golf Involved in Monaco Crash

I’ve never been to Monaco but from what Movies and Television tell me, its a Mediterranean paradise where people like Cary Grant and James Bond have transportation options which include a private yacht and hyper car, all while surrounded by supermodels.  While in reality this may be a bit of a stretch, the fact is that Monte Carlo is home to more than a few of the world’s super rich and as such some of the rarest and most expensive cars can be found roaming the streets.  Quite understandably, it can get a bit distracting- which is what we’re guessing happened here.


While no incident involving the LaFerrari, which reportedly retails for $1.35 million can be considered “minor”, the cars appear to have contacted each other at a relatively low speed and damage on the Golf seems to be minimal.  The LaFerrari on the other hand, well that needs a generous amount of the front end carbon fiber replaced.  Our guess for the Ferrari’s repair estimate?  More than you can afford, pal.

Thanks to GFWilliams for the tip!