Lamborghini: Manuals are Too Expensive for Our Very Expensive Cars

While the manual transmission has been suffering a T.S. Eliot-approved slow, whimpering death, Porsche showed a way forward for those who want a clutch: as an option for rich enthusiasts.

According to Lamborghini’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali, though, that won’t work for the raging bull. Speaking to Motor Trend, the CEO said that Lamborghini just can’t afford to put a manual in any of its cars.

The problem, it turns out, is just that there aren’t any manuals lying around, so Lambo would have to develop its own. According to Motor Trend’s math, even if the brand offered the transmission as a $25,000 on 200 cars, the $5,000,000 generated wouldn’t cover the cost of the transmission in, say, the Aventador.

The Gallardo’s manual, meanwhile, is out of production, so the Huracan couldn’t easily offer the ‘box, either. And, by extension, the R8 is probably in the same boat.

So how can Porsche do it? Racing. The manual transmission offered in the GT3 Touring (which has a more than 50% take rate, by the way) is just an old racing transmission, so the brand can offer it as a no-cost option.